Both distinctions were awarded earlier this month in the USA.  

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA) created in 1897 has over the years awarded the "Excellence in Financial Journalism (EFJ) Awards" to the best journalistic work in the financial and business field in the USA and abroad

The Professional Association of Journalists of Washington DC, is the promoter of the "Dateline Awards"; a competition for excellence in journalism.

With these two awards, the number of distinctions that the West Africa Leaks project received in a little more than a year increases to four, marking the innovative character of this project in Africa.

All in all, West Africa Leaks has now received four awards from notable American organizations. Last year, the National Association of Black Journalists recognised the good investigative journalism practices experienced in West Africa Leaks.

The Society for the Advancement of Business Editing and Writing. SABEW distinguished the West Africa Leaks project with the "Best in Business (BIB) Award" category.

In announcing West Africa Leaks as the winner of the "Enterprise Reporting" category, the NYSSCPA described the project that brought together 11 Cenozo journalists and the ICIJ as one of the largest collaborations of corporate reporters ever gathered in West Africa.

After the successes of West Africa Leaks; which allowed CENOZO direct access to the ICIJ database; CENOZO is building its own database, for the benefit of its members:  As one of CENOZOs leaders pointed out, ‘the North-South partnership allowing West African journalists access to the complete database of ICIJ led to the success of the West Africa leaks project: This reality is still far removed from the daily life of the African media who still have to face a glaring lack of means to make investigative journalism succeed". 

The "Best Online Series of 2018" category of the Professional Association of Journalists of Washington DC was awarded on June 11 in Washington, D.C. during its annual "Dateline Awards 2019" gala for excellence in journalism.