For this particular project, we support stories in finalization stage and applicants must prove the progress of their investigations. The grant can be used for further investigation (additional research, editing, graphics, data visualization, etc.).

Journalists with book projects can apply for proofreading and editing support.

We are looking for investigations with an unique angle fueled by the public interest as well as innovation and which expose cases of bad governance, organized crime, corruption, human rights violations, etc.

Note that the deadline for submitting projects is Sunday February 02 at 6:00 p.m. UT, deadline.

How to apply?

Send to: or

  1. A draft or tangible proof of the progress of the work.
  2. A copy (pdf) or a link of an investigation that you have already carried out.
  3. The detailed cost of the remaining tasks.

Investigations with convincing documents will be favored in the selection.

Because no one can tell the stories better in West Africa than the journalists in West Africa, make your voice heard!