BREAK the silence! 

Do you know a case worth reporting? 
Do you have documents that needs to be known? 
Are you aware of any possible wrongdoing? 

Let. Us. Now.

Corruption, crime or human rights violations needs silence to survive, BREAK IT! and be part of the change West Africa needs!

We, as a regional investigative organization, need civil society support.  We accept information related to wrongdoings by organised groups, public services, government, organizations or transnational corporation as long as it is related to any of the countries in West Africa.  

If you know about any, give us a hit! We won’t know who you are. 

We don’t want to risk you! No program is 100% safe from third party surveillance. So please, some safety tips:

Please try to put in place the following safety tips to ensure you can hide as much as possible for third parties surveillance :If in your computer, please use TOR browser, you can download it from its official web page, it will keep you as anonymous as possible.  Use anonymous networks such a ciber cafés or public phones to contact us (or at least a phone not registered under your name). 

  1. You can reach us to: [SOME HELP HERE]
    Leak platform:  using
  2. You can send us an encrypted email:
    We recommend the use of PGP keys and Tor browser (see instructions) when sending us emails. 
    Our PGP is the following:
    Mail can be sent to
  3. Whatsapp: +226 XXXXXX
    As an instant messaging app (Iphone and Android) is vastly used to communicate easily. The owner of Whatsapp is Facebook and therefore subject or their internal procedure. You can send images, documents, audios, etc. 
  4. Signal: +226...
    Another instant messaging app but much more safer. Available for iPhone and android, it is encrypted and the messages and images are not stored in any server. It has a functionality to allow every message to disappeared without trace after couple of minutes.
  5. Of course, the safer way is the old-school style: send us letters, documents or information to our offices at. 


Centre National de Press Norbert Zongo (CNP-NZ)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
04 BP 8524
Tél. : 226/ 50 34.37 45–34 41 89 
Fax. : 50 34 37 45