Pesce  Hounyo Pesce Hounyo

Pesce Hounyo is a Freelance Journalist. She is the promoter of Web Media and the Associate of L'investisseur, a bi-weekly paper. After its formation in the university press She joined the group Gazette Gulf where until October 2017 when she was associate editor of the Gulf Tv Africa. Presenter at the Prime Time chaîne.Journaliste Reporter and Voice Over. It is otherwise lawyer by training with a Master 2 in International Law and International Organizations. Since 2016 she takes a liking to investigative journalism after attending several training courses organized by the Embassy of the United States. Today she coordinates the Bamiba group that includes several investigative journalists in Benin and who is interested in several topics. Since 2017 she joined as a member of the cell for Norbert Zongo investigative journalism in West Africa...

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