Loukoumane Worou Tchehou Loukoumane Worou Tchehou

Loukoumane WOROU TCHEHOU, born in September 1990 in Benin, is a journalist, a member of the Unit for the Norbert Zongo investigative journalism in West Africa (CENOZO). Nationals of Benin, it is social anthropologist by training. He holds a degree in sociology anthology from the University of Parakou, the second largest country in the public university. Already after obtaining his Bachelor Series D in 2010, he decided to invest in journalism, the profession of his dream. For lack of financial means, because from a poor family, he opted for the on the job training. This exciting adventure started with Akowé university press and an internship at the Brotherhood radio where he managed to be retained after years of training. Thus Loukoumane WOROU TCHEHOU attended several training workshop on journalism in Benin as the outside, the most important is that of investigative journalism held from April 17 to 21, 2017 in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso . Loukoumane WOROU TCHEHOU reporter's print and audiovisual and radio presenter. He developed the skills of investigative journalism after several formations. Very versatile as it plies the private TV channel 3 of the same group and on the radio, he specialized in the review of national press. Before these steps, Loukoumane worked in newspapers written as the Municipal info, and daily Honougbo Brotherhood. He also campaigned while he was still in high school in associations in culture and learning staying several times president of the club '' Aimé Césaire '' and communication officer of the Youth Assembly of Benin. Dissatisfied with his career, Loukoumane WOROU TCHEHOU had the intention to continue studies with the master but also his dream fight what investigative journalism.

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