You are journalist in West Africa and you have a collaborative research project on COVID 19, CENOZO gives you the opportunity to realize it. This initiative aims to enable journalists from West Africa, who do not have the means, to carry out their plans for cross-border investigations exposing facts of corruption, embezzlement, injustice, non-compliance human rights, organized crime and any other act of bad governance linked to the COVID pandemic 19.

Who can benefit ?

Any investigative journalist based in a West African country (without Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger).

What type of project?

Cross-border projects, which concern at least two countries in West Africa.

How to apply?

Send your detailed and budgeted project to Stories with convincing documents that support the hypothesis will be favored in the selection. So be sure to offer us projects that have not yet been completed by other colleagues.

The CENOZO editorial committee will evaluate your proposals based on:

  1. The argument of history
  2. The proof angle
  3. Background research
  4. Implementation schedule
  5. From the innovative angle

Note : We do not sponsor international flights! We suggest that you apply in collaboration with another journalist from the other country concerned by your project. If you do not have a colleague to collaborate, let us know and we will be able to find a member of the Cell for you.

Projects in French, English and Portuguese are accepted. Journalists whose projects will be selected will receive $ 3,500 and will receive technical and legal assistance in carrying out their story.

Because no one can tell the facts better in West Africa than the journalists in West Africa, make your voice heard!