Criminals know no borders and have no language barrier! Corruption, organized crime, human rights violation and terrorism are all cross-border, international and complex. 

Therefore there was a need to set up a group of experts in different fields and with international background who can support the investigations and lead CENOZO members to impactful and original stories.


Filomena Silva


Filomena Maria Tavares Correia e Silva is the director of A Semana, a leading weekly newspaper in Cape Verde considered to be a model for media in Africa. With close to 30 years of experience and expertise, Silva is a highly regarded journalist.

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Dapo Olorunyomi


Publisher, CEO, Premium Times Newspaper. Background: Dapo Olorunyomi is an award-winning journalist with varied experience in Nigeria and internationally. Co-founder of The News magazine in Lagos;

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Heinrich Bohmke

Background:  Heinrich Bohmke adapted litigation techniques from the legal world to that of investigative journalism and editing. He works on stories to determine vulnerabilities and escape routes that could later result in legal threats.

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Khadija Sharife

Investigative Journalist and OCCRP Editor for Africa

Khadija Sharife is an investigative journalist based in South Africa, African Editor for Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project in Africa and Director of the Whistleblower Protection Platform in Africa (PPLAAF). Khadija is also contributor to the Tax Justice Network and author of Tax Us If You Can (Africa), among co-authored works.

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Luc Damiba

Anti-Corruption Expert

Luc Damiba is an expert and researcher on corruption and anti-corruption in Africa. He has more than fifteen years experience on governance, public ethic frameworks, anti-corruption institutions, etc. Luc currently leads CERAG, a new think thank and centre of studies and research on governance and its challenges in Africa.

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Will Fitzgibbon

Investigative Journalist, ICIJ

Background: Will Fitzgibbon is a reporter for ICIJ. He was a reporter on ICIJ in Swiss Leaks project and heads ICIJ Africa Desk, coordinating and expanding ICIJs collaboration with journalists across Africa. He worked for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) in London covering financial and political issues.

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Daniela Quirós-Lépiz

Daniela Q. Lépiz is a Costa Rican data journalist and trainer. She is currently the Coordinator for the Cell Norbert Zongo for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO) that aims to promote and support cross border data investigation and transparency and open data in the region. She has a masters degree in data journalism from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain.

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