The Cell Norbert Zongo for Investigative Journalism in West Africa is a groundbreaking project for data and cross-boarder investigation in the region inspired by the figure of one of the most emblematic journalists of all times in West Africa, Norbert Zongo.

We aim to strengthen the capacities of investigative journalists in the region through training, mentoring, grants, networking, legal advice, technical support for investigations, and provision of a publication platform.

With experience in areas such as terrorism, human rights violations and corruption, as a network of more than 50 journalist across the region, we are putting all our efforts to contribute to a whole new chapter for data and investigative journalism in the region.

Our focus is divided in 3 major areas:

Training:  It's important to increase the abilities of local journalists in areas such as: security, legal affairs, financial flows, transparency, access to information, data journalism and investigative techniques.


CENOZO follows three lines:

  • Investigations done by CENOZO: CENOZO secretariat will coordinate and edit the investigations done by its members and will provide financial support to our journalists members.
  • Investigations financed by Partners: An external partner can commission an investigation to be developed by CENOZO’s members.
  • Investigations with Partners. CENOZO will undertake joint-investigations with external partners and co-sponsor the cost and editing.

Civil society partnerships.

We consider investigation efforts are a team sport. If we want to end up changing our environment, it is important for us to collaborate and advocate for transparency and open government initiatives; create strong relations with anticorruption organizations and researchers.