Corruption, crime or human rights violations need silence to survive. BREAK IT! And be part of the change West Africa needs!

We need your support, as a regional investigative organization.  We accept information related to wrongdoing by criminal organised groups, public institutions, governments, international organizations, NGOs, or transnational corporations as long as it is related to public interest in any of the countries in West Africa.  

If you know about any such wrongdoing, give us a hint! We don’t need to know who you are. 

We don’t want to risk your security! Although no program is 100% safe from third party surveillance, please consider the following safety tips to hide your identity:

  • Anonymous browsing and contact

On your computer, use the "TOR" browser. You can download it from its official web page, it will keep you as anonymous as possible.  

Or use anonymous networks such a cybercafes or public phones to contact us (or at least a phone not registered under your name).  

  • You can send us an encrypted email:

A couple options exist:

  1. You can create yourself an anonymous email account on Protonmail and send us the information to our account . This will automatically encrypt your email correspondance with us.
  2. The other alternative is to create a "PGP key" and send us an encrypted message from any email address. The easiest way is to download the Mailvelop Chrome Extension and follow the tutorial here. It takes 5 minutes!! Our PGP key is:  C5612D840E576071 and our email is  
  • Signal. Our contact is +226 78 02 58 09
    This is an instant messaging app; safer than other apps. Available for iPhone and android, Signal is encrypted and the messages and images are not stored in any server. Signal has a functionality that allows you to have every message sent dissappear without trace after some minutes.


  • Of course, the safest way is the old-school style: send us letters, documents or information to our offices at:

        Centre National de Press Norbert Zongo (CNP-NZ)
        Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
        04 BP 8524
        Tél. : 226/ 25 34 00 00